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American Tackle’s European branch is booming! 

Business has been on an upward trajectory for American Tackle’s European office in Stockholm, Sweden under the direction of Gary Benney. It’s making in-roads and expanding its customer base throughout the continent.

American Tackle equips branded rods with superior rod components, such as its  MicroWave guide system, in China or the EU to help brands almost eliminate any warranty and delivery issues.

The company is also selling its top-quality rod components to distributors, dealers and builders throughout the continent, by placing them on the map everywhere you turn. The Europeans were the very first to jump on the MicroWave concept, where they immediately embraced the idea by seeing the benefits of its revolutionary design.

Many don’t know this but AT has designed, sourced, packaged and delivered private brand tackle for decades. AT contracts its manufacturing partners to build rods, reels, lures and other tackle products for many brands throughout Europe.

Companies who already purchase directly from China saw the value in dramatically reducing production and delivery issues, turning their sourcing over to AT’s experienced staff. This frees them up to focus on marketing their respective products instead of chasing problems a world away. AT is there as a partner to solve problems and get you the product you ordered on time and on budget.

American Tackle’s Global Service Network can help any company make the difficult process of getting your goods manufactured and delivered on time easier.

Its fully staffed office in Weihai, China, in conjunction with its project management team in the US and EU, can oversee the manufacturing process every step of the way. Numerous inspections and project tracking can discover issues and get them resolved before leaving the factory. The firm says it will acts as your eyes and ears to limit potential business-crippling disasters.

Under Gary’s guidance, AT has built this extensive private brand business in the EU by taking full advantage of AT’s global network capabilities, making life easier for his customers.

Gary is not only a crazy-good tournament fisherman but he is also is a master rod builder and designer who can help fine tune any rod line in the business regardless of the species or technique. He can help you with increasing your rod, reel and lure sales and take the headache out of importation.

AT will have an ever-expanding presence in the EU market and beyond and is excited about the potential there and the boost it has already given its customers’ businesses. To get in touch directly with Gary, contact him at

Author: Simon Calvert

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