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Wiley X Advanced Prescriptions. Advanced Protection.

Known worldwide for protecting the vision of soldiers, law enforcement, champion NASCAR drivers, elite tournament anglers and other demanding wearers for 30 years, Wiley X makes its stand on premium protective eyewear.  Over the years, Wiley X has pushed the boundaries of how ANSI Z87.1 safety rated and EN 166 certified eyewear perform and look.

But Wiley X has also quietly gone about expanding their position to incorporate custom Rx lens technology into their range, creating superior prescription accuracy and visual clarity over the widest possible field of vision. This provides men and women who require corrective lenses with a no-compromise solution for clear vision and advanced protection.

Wiley X custom RX solutions are developed in a proprietary lab specifically with Wiley X sports wrap frames in mind and compensate for the high base curve of the lens, which minimises side distortion on both single vision and progressive lenses. The result is individually customised lenses that offer crystal clear vision in any given situation, while providing the same crucial protection as the non-prescription lenses developed by Wiley X.  So now, protection and enhanced optical clarity also includes vision correction, to better see in conditions when casting.

Wiley X offers three distinct versions of Rx-Ready lenses, which accounts for the needs of most anglers – Prescription Ready lenses, Prescription Rim System and the Wiley X Prescription Insert.  Almost all

Wiley X frames are prescription-ready and can be fitted with prescription lenses. The Wiley X Rx program enables simple ordering, expert lens processing and timely delivery of corrective lenses designed especially for our 8-base wrap frames.

If you, or your customers, need maximised prescription power, Wiley X offers the Prescription Rx Rim System within their ever-popular Climate Control Series. The Wiley X RX Rim System makes eye protection available for prescriptions up to +5.50 and -5.50 (Europe) and +5.00 and -7.00 (North America).  This means more people than ever can experience the ANS Z87.1 rated and EN.166 certified protection and sleek style of RX-ready sunglasses that are equipped for anything at any time.

A final option that Wiley X offers is the Wiley X Prescription Insert (PTX). This is designed for hunting and shooting as it is not delivered with polarised filter option.  The Wiley X insert can be used in the following models: Saber Advanced, WX Vapor, WX Rogue, WX Rogue Comm Nerve, Spear and Spear Dual.

If you are in need of prescription sunglasses, look no further than Wiley X. With multiple options and a wide range of prescription coverage, they’ve got you covered.

All Wiley X Lenses Provide

  • Crisper and clearer optics
  • Superior light separation visually separates subject from background
  • Increased peripheral vision
  • Enhanced color contrast
  • Enhanced depth perception

How Wiley X Lenses Work

  • With a proprietary lens custom designed specifically to get the most out of Wiley X high-wrap frames
  • Understanding and considering wearer’s prescription and frame fit
  • Each lens made to ANSI Z87.1 Safety and Optical standards and EN 166 certification standards, providing High Velocity and High Mass Protection specific to Wiley X Eyewear


  • Wrap lenses pose special challenges to lens designers. Compared to typical flatter Rx lenses, they have a significant curvature that causes incident light rays to create more aberrations. With the accuracy of digital surfacing technology, it is now possible to minimise the peripheral distortion. Wrap compensations take the refracted Rx and adjust it for the position of the frame on the face with the consideration of wrap angle, frame tilt, and vertex distance to achieve superior quality vision.
  • Digital lens technology allows us to completely customise each prescription to the wearer’s lifestyle and frame fit resulting in Rx accuracy 10X better than conventionally surfaced lenses.
  • Combining these features with a variety of designs and the most advanced edging techniques makes Wiley X Personalised Lenses the most advanced offering in the industry.
  • All digital Rx orders will receive a “Compensated Rx”.

For more information on stocking Wiley X visit their website

Author: Simon Calvert

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