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Westin Get Real

Westin is certainly forward thinkers when it comes to creative lure designs. Some of its lures are so real you need to look twice.

Flat Matt

1oz 3 3/8″ (28g 8,5cm) and 3oz 5 1/8″ (85g 13cm)

When you stare at him in your tackle box, Flat Matt may look just that: flat! But the second this guy hits the water he bursts into life with an incredibly realistic swimming action on the drop. He is aided by the curly tail and side skirts around his wide-profile body that looks amazingly appetising to any hungry predator. As with most of Westin’s lures, Matt is versatile. You can twitch and shimmy him along the bottom with subtle rod bumps, or retrieve him slowly to see him creep along. Alternatively, you can jig him faster and get him up into the pelagic zone – just make sure you’re ready for action because this sight might be too much for some predators to resist. Flat Matt may not realise it, but his kind are a hugely important food source in the watery food chain, making this lure a certain day saver!

  • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook
  • Hook size: Single #1/0 (28g), #5/0 (85g)
  • Active 3D eyes
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Easy action curl tail / natural tail
  • Durable hand painted detailed colours
  • Package contains 1 head, 1 curl tail body and 1 natural tail body

Flat Matt

14 1/8oz 9 5/8″  (400g 24,5cm)

The next best thing to dynamite! When the huge halibut settle down in shallow, sandy areas, they’re just waiting for small plaice and flounder to flicker overhead. And when Flat Matt comes along, swimming for his life like a panicky little flounder, the predators just can’t help themselves. You’ve never fished anything like this before! Jig it with short, distinct pulls on the rod to keep him wriggling tantalizingly close to the bottom, or tease him slowly upwards into the feeding area to trigger an explosive response.

  • Designed for huge cod and halibut
  • Active eyes
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook
  • Hook: Single #10/0
  • Durable hand painted detailed colours
  • Package contains 1 head, 2 natural tail bodies


Saltwater Edition 4 3/4″ and 2 1/8oz Suspending (12cm 60g)

The Swim lure has many benefits – a compact shape, a realistic baitfish imitation design and the ability to cast like a bullet through the most evil winds. These benefits, which are awesome for freshwater fishing, make the lure a perfect candidate for a saltwater champion – so that’s exactly what Westin did. This saltwater edition of the Swim is aimed to target saltwater trophies like Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass, GT’s and many more thanks to some new saltwater-specific paintjobs and new extra strong hooks and split rings. The Swim is simple to use, anyone could catch monsters on it. You can fish the swim with “pull and wind” or on a simple retrieve, either slowly or quickly, to create the action of a wounded, panicking baitfish. The panic effect can be increased with faster retrieves and regular pauses. This salty cousin is one of Westin’s most successful lures that’s just opened up a whole new world to anglers who prefer to be at sea.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Japanese-style 3X saltwater hooks
  • Full wire-through-body construction
  • Long casting design
  • Hand painted detailed colours

Salty the Shrimp 

5/8oz 3 1/4″  (18g 8cm) 1oz 4 3/8”  (28g 11cm)

No need to waste your time chasing live bait. This shrimp is made from a 3D scan of the real thing! Salty the Shrimp is specially designed for inshore saltwater fishing. Weed, grass and sandy areas are where he comes to live. Salty comes rigged with a natural shrimp body and also a different replacement body with a paddle tail. This gives the lure two actions in one! What fish doesn’t fancy a shrimp? You can cast this one for Snook, Redfish, Trout or whatever hungry in the area.

With the natural shrimp body you can fish it slow crawling on the bottom and the soft legs will flutter and really create that realistic action of a real shrimp. It can also be fished by jigging it fast or slow and adding extra action while working with your rod tip. Thanks to the interior hook channel you can easily change the body in seconds and enable perfect rigging every time. The paddle tail offers you more action, so a classic jigging stop and go jigging technique along the bottom will bring results, however, you can fish it on a steady retrieve for explosive action too. The paddle vibrations along with the soft fluttering realistic legs will trigger a strike from any trophy Snook under the dock lights!

  • Lead jig head / soft body
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook
  • Hook size: Single #2/0 (5/8oz), #3/0 (1oz)
  • Interior hook channel for easy rigging
  • Keeper system – great grip and less damage
  • Soft legs for fluttering action
  • Natural whiskers
  • Hand painted detail colours
  • Package contains 1 jig head, 1 natural- and 1 paddle tail body

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Author: Simon Calvert

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