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Method-feeder fishing is not only becoming more popular, it is becoming more technical, with anglers demanding only the best equipment. Mikado has three new-generation feeders that it thinks are the very best to fish the ‘method’.



The Aperio is a specific feeder developed to be extremely simple to use and, as you’d suspect, that isn’t an easy thing to design. Not only did the team have the target of making a feeder that is simple to use, they also decided to eliminate all the weak points of other feeders; a tall order.

An open feeder was chosen. Through user experience and many hours of testing samples, they realised this type of Method feeder is much more effective than the hooped type.

There are a number of other advantages to their Aperio feeders. With simplicity in mind, you can use it without the need for a groundbait mould. You can easily and quickly fill the recess in the feeder with groundbait, without the need for a specialised mould. Because the sides are inclined towards the centre of the feeder, it can retain the groundbait more efficiently. At the centre of the feeder is a small tray where the baited hook is placed and remains perfectly presented during fishing. This is an inline Method feeder that features a silicone line tube. This ensures the feeder is quick and easy to thread onto the main line and protects it while fishing at the same time. This feeder can be fished either fixed or free running and is fitted with a special socket that holds the swivel securely in place, turning it into a fixed-type feeder. Placing a rubber stop bead between the feeder and the swivel means the main line can run through the feeder unhindered. Finally, a lot of thought has gone into the holes and their placement. Their critical size means it is easy to fill, yet once it’s in the water the bait disperses rapidly.




The Douglas feeder is another groundbreaking project, especially made for fishing in deeper water. The groundbait is kept in place by the improved structure that includes ribs and a central hoop. The aerodynamic shape improves casting distance, while the plastic end prevents groundbait from falling out as the feeder hits the water. There’s a lot to think about in this small piece of terminal tackle and, judging by the results achieved in testing and review sessions, they seem to have thought of everything.







This is a unique piece of kit. No longer a two-piece construction of plastic and lead, this feeder is made entirely of zinc. Apart from offering a simple feeder, this environmentally friendly construction method also creates a benefit that most feeders do not offer: durability. Fortis fits the new Mikado groundbait moulds in sizes L and XL. There is a central line tube that is easy to thread and prevents the line from fraying.







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Author: Simon Calvert

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