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When we think about drones, most of us would either conjure up a picture of a busy bee working hard for the hive or a fantastic piece of filming kit that brings us the superb, sweeping landscape shots on TV wildlife programmes.  TTW checked out Rippton’s Mobula drones and discovered there’s a lot more to it than that.

Rippton is a joint Australian-Dutch venture with its products being assembled in China. It specialises in technology-oriented fishing products, including what are currently the world’s most intelligent fishing drones (and smart fishing rods) aiming to benefit anglers worldwide from the rapidly advancing hi-tech products. The mission of Rippton is to use its Mobula drone to improve fishing in a new, effective, safe and environmentally friendly way, and to improve the success rate of anglers.

Along with the hardware, Rippton also has its own exclusive social platform, named Rippton App. This is an interesting app that is available to anglers across the world, who are then able to swap information on the best or the worst fishing spots. The app features all kinds of events, competitions and activities that have been designed to break down barriers and allow anglers to communicate and interact with one another.

The Mobula is equipped with a patented high-performance sonar and megapixel camera that allows the user to identify what is below the water, in up to 100m depth and at distances as far as two kilometres. It is the world’s first drone of its kind, which is both foldable and waterproof. It can land and float on the water, and via electric or standard reels it can deliver up to 3.5kg of bait to your desired spots, so a perfect piece of machinery for carp or beach fishing.

Anglers cannot always get onto a boat or get land to access the best fishing areas, and more and more find themselves confronted with the problem of how to cast further. Most fish are used to congregating around the offshore areas such as submerged reefs, which are mostly (or so it seems) beyond casting distance.

During the industry’s development there have been many attempts made to reach those out of the way places. Balloons and kites are highly restricted by weather conditions. Kayaks and boats can be too expensive and difficult to access. Cannons are also dangerous and difficult to transport. As for seahorses, they are hard to control with electric lines and can only cast up to 600 metres. Rippton has covered all of these problems with the Mobula fishing drone. With the a casting distance of two kilometres, flying time of up to 25 minutes, and a payload of 3.5kg, Mobula can easily transport your baits to the target spot while you stay safely inshore.

Distributors in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and Italy, contact Rippton.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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