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RAPALA: Super Shadow Rap

Rapala has re-launched its range of Super Shad Rap lures into a newer version called the Super Shadow Rap. The Shadow Rap is an extremely durable lure that’s been built with big predatory fish in mind. Large pike are this lures main target and with a host of different colours available this range of lures is set to grace the boxes of many pike anglers across the world. Designed to be a slow sinking lure which has a very small diving lip built into it with a swimming depth range of between three and five feet. The action of this lure has been specifically engineered to simulate the behaviour of a dying fish ultimately provoking hard-hitting pike to fall foul of the ultra-sharp VMC Coastal Black treble hooks.

Let’s look at the action in more detail.

Its design incorporates a tall body, which resembles a large baitfish, and because of its slow sinking nature and how it’s fished, generally higher in the water column, the lure is looked at by fish from below, creating a silhouette against light overhead conditions. This is where darker colours will score well by really defining its presence. With it being slow sinking this gives the angler versatility in how it’s fished. Pauses and twitches are the order of the day. By making the lure kick hard to one side, then stopping and letting it fall slowly makes it behave in an irresistible way to any predator fish, hungry or not. It can also be ripped through the water should the fish be lively and want to chase something. Either way, the Super Shadow Rap from Rapala, should be in every serious lure anglers armoury.

Tech Specs

Durable 2-Part Plastic with Integrated Lip

Highly Detailed Finishes

Responsive, Tight-Turning

Large Predator Gamefish

VMC® Coastal Black™ Treble Hooks

Running depth – 1.4 metres

Body Length – 15cm

Weight – 77g

Author: Simon Calvert

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