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Product Focus: SUFIX 131

TTW takes a look at the latest braided line to enter the SUFIX range of products. Demand is hot for the award winning SUFIX 131 Super line.

Unquestionably, The SUFIX brand has a plethora of fans all over the world with products that can easily satisfy the demands of anglers across all disciplines. Get your hands on its latest catalogue and you’ll see that the brand has all anglers covered. From Ice fishing lines, to big game lines SUFIX is not a brand that stands still. With its recent addition of SUFIX 131 Braid, anglers can now enjoy a braided line that makes all the difference through its cleverly and carefully constructed process.

SUFIX 131 has been built with 13 fibres for unmatched consistency and reliability and after EFTTEX 2018 everyone has been waiting to get their hands on it. The line won the Best New Braided Line award at the show, and for a good reason. Built with 13 fibres (12 HMPE fibres + 1 GORE® Performance Fibre at the core), Sufix 131 is the only 13 carrier braided line to feature GORE® Performance Fibres on the market today. Sufix partnered up with W.L. Gore & Associates to build this 13 carrier fishing line. The great benefit of the GORE® core is that it is a slick, highly abrasion resistant textile fibre which protects the braid from internal fraying.

The construction is consistently stronger than lines with less carriers, with fewer weak points. This greatly reduces unexpected line snaps when casting heavy lures and fighting big fish; and improves the knot resistance. Also, the 13 carrier construction increases the number of fibres at the knot, which ultimately results in a cleaner knot and a much stronger holding power.

Sufix 131 has the roundest structure on the market, compared to any other similarly categorized braid. Rounder line reduces the resistance in water and leads to less abrasion damage over time. Round line also casts longer and more accurately thanks to its lower friction through rod’s line guides.

The addition of a GORE® Performance Fibre through the centre of Sufix 131 removes the issues that most 12 carrier lines face. Due to the manufacturing process of 12 carrier lines, they are left with a hollow centre which collapses, flattening the line, or it fills with water when under use. This causes incredible stress on your line and huge internal abrasion created by the rough HMPE or Dyneema fibres rubbing on each other. Reduced internal abrasion considerably slows down the reduction of the line’s liner strength, giving the line a longer and more reliable lifespan.

In addition, the Gore® Performance fibre at the core of the line is a solid fibre and will not collapse under pressure like HMPE carriers would, further enhancing the line’s consistent roundness.

Director of SUFIX Sales and development, Enrico Ravenni said, “Creating a true innovation in fishing line is no easy task, yet year after year our Sufix engineers manage to develop products that were never thought possible.”

Rapala Angler and Swedish Pike Fight competitor added, “The silky smooth properties of Sufix 131 along with its roundness make it the best casting super line that I’ve fished with so far.”

It is clear, that the Sufix team has raised the bar with its exceptional design and engineering work.

SUFIX 131 is now available in some South Pacific and Asian markets, and will be officially launched to consumers in Europe in January 2019.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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