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Molix: The Long Jerk Project

Italian tackle designers and manufacturers have been working on a new slim, long-cast lure that still has plenty of action, a difficult design to get right. After an extensive research and development process, the Jugulo Jerk LC Series fits the bill.

The Molix Long Jerks are the result of a long development and research, which has been carried out to create an innovative and high-performing lure that is easy to differentiate from other lures on the market.

Jugulo-Jerk-LC-Offshore-FishingOfficine Molix is the creative, design and development office of the company, which uses all of the new production technology to create the Jugulo Jerk LC series. In a series of laboratory and on-the-water tests the final lure shape was finalised after excellent fishing results.

The design element that makes the difference in this lure is the angle of the lip and its positioning close to the tow point or eye, where the bait is attached to the leader. This makes the Jugulo Jerk really responsive when twitching the bait, making it particularly reactive when working the lure.

The angle of the lip, which is unusual for this kind of lure, gives the bait a wide action, with greater resistance during the retrieval, ensuring the lure tracks true, especially during fast retrieves. The slender shape gives the lure minimal aerodynamic resistance and greatly improves the casting distances, and also means the lure flies straight with no tumbling during the cast. It’s a great inshore bait for shallow water for sea bass, bluefish and barracuda. This bait is also effective for deep-sea pelagics fishing offshore. The hook harness is a full wire made of stainless steel, essential if you are catching big predators. The Jugulo Jerk’s hardware is top-quality split rings and treble hooks.


Like the majority of the Molix lures, this series incorporates the Molix DLS (Dynamic Load System) that enhances the versatility of the lure, creating an optimum balance of swimming and twitching actions. The suspending density of the lure keeps the bait in the strike zone for longer. This means that there is a better chance to induce strikes when predators are being wary and shy biting. During straight retrievals, the combination of rolling and wobbling imitates a natural swimming action, giving the lure a great action in both extremely slow and fast retrievals.

The Jugulo Jerk LC series is currently available in two sizes and densities: the sinking 18cm 30g and the suspending 14cm 14g version.

Author: Simon Calvert

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