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MAP pushes boundaries with carbon seatbox


Fresh from its launch of three seatboxes towards the end of 2016, Milton Keynes-based MAP is set to launch the first carbon-frame seatbox into the UK market.

Following the great reception to MAP’s Z30 and H30 models last autumn, the brand has taken the idea one step further with the Z36 Carbon.

Although a tried and tested material in the fishing market, until now it’s been the sole preserve of rod and pole manufacture and odd ‘niche’ products.

So a full-carbon frame from the new kids of the seatbox world is not only a big move but it’s a strong message to the industry that MAP isn’t pulling its punches.

Mike Robinson, senior brand manager for the match brand, revealed: “It’s a luxury material but, not only that, it is one that offers many benefits over metals and plastics.

“When we created the first trio of alloy seatboxes, we knew we had to quickly follow up with something special and carbon was the obvious choice. It’s a material that our sister company, Madison, utilises across its bike brand and, with its manufacturing contacts, we knew we could produce a seatbox frame to our specification and design that would vastly expand our range.”

The Z36, as hinted at by the name, differs from other MAP seatboxes because it features 36mm legs. The other boxes all carry 30mm round legs but MAP’s innovative QRS (Quick Release System) accessories all feature a bracket designed to fit on 25mm, 30mm and 36mm legs – essentially covering all common leg diameters.

Mike added: “The box is lighter for sure. The other big benefit is that you can create some really interesting forms from carbon that retain strength throughout.

“Wall thickness is also much easier to control than with metal so you can trim material from areas that don’t need to be as thick; with metal tubes, everything has to be the same thickness. The other benefit is purely aesthetic – carbon looks great and it’s pretty much seamless. I’d challenge anyone to find the joins.”


MAP marketing manager Pat MacInnes added: “Upgrade paths are a key part of selling fishing tackle. A consumer doesn’t want to just buy a seatbox, use it for a few years and then find that the available upgrade is totally different.

“With these seatboxes we want consumers to buy the products that suit them and always have a way to either add on new parts or upgrade to a new or higher level product when they feel the time is right for them.”

The Z36 Carbon is expected to RRP for close to £1,250 because it is seen as a luxury item and one that is produced in a small batch, effectively a limited edition.

Meanwhile, the Z36 Elite White takes the CNC-machined aluminium frame design and adds in 36mm legs, all for £749.

Both seatboxes were due to be debuted at iceTackle* 2017 in late February, before making appearances at the Northern Angling Show and The Big One in April.

Author: tackletradeworld

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