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Freddy the Frog Wins Best New Freshwater Hard Lure at ICAST

“We are super excited to have won the award for best Freshwater Hardlure at ICAST 2018 Show, says Thomas Sanotra, COO at Westin and continues. This award category is probably one of the toughest to win and the competition is extremely strong. The award is a milestone for the Westin brands progress and recognition on the US market and furthermore a result of almost 2 years development. Fine tuning the last details, colours schemes and packaging have resulted in a great product that we’re proud to show to the trade.”

Freddy the Frog Wakebait 46g 9cm/18,5cm Floating

In France, frog legs are a delicacy – on our latest lure creation, they are a work of art! Freddy the Frog comes hopping onto the scene as your new favourite topwater bait, with a crazy, crawling action and those lifelike legs that will stir curiosity in the most cautious of predator fish.

Freddy’s body is 9cm (3 1/2”) in length, with the free-moving, jointed legs taking his total length to 18.5cm (7 1/4”) making him a versatile snack for predators of all kinds who hunt on the surface, including bass and pike.

His sexy moves on the surface are complemented by a glass rattle stick with internal steel balls that announce to every predator within the vicinity that frog is back on the menu. Just a simple cast-and retrieve method will bring some incredible surface action – we spent a long time perfecting the action of this lure and then perfected the lure with a great hook-up ratio and a range of realistic and detailed colourings and patterns. Freddy is ready to take on the big predators of any water.

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Topwater lure
  • Japanese-style Carbon Steel hooks
  • Belly treble hook: #1/0
  • Customized single hook in tail for improved hook up ratio
  • Additional belly eyelet for change of hook position
  • Body length: 9cm / 3 1/2”
  • Total length: 18,5cm / 7 1/4”
  • Ultra Sonic Glass Rattle inside
  • Single joint body
  • Multi jointed kicking legs
  • Hand painted detailed colours – Instagram: @westinfishing

Author: Simon Calvert

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