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FishSpy represents Christmas sales opportunity

Even as a skilled and experienced carp angler, there is always some guesswork involved. BVG Airflo, owner of the Total Fishing Gear brand, is aiming to remove that guesswork and make the underwater world accessible to all with its latest product, the FishSpy.

“FishSpy is the result of two years intense development by the team at Total Fishing Gear, thousands of hours of testing and hardcore fishing – but it’s been worth it. FishSpy will change the way you fish forever,” a bold claim from BVG Airflo’s Gareth Jones, but one that he and his team believe many will warm to when they see the product in question.

The FishSpy, as the name tentatively suggests, is a product designed to help you ‘spy’ on fish and vastly improve your fishing by taking away the mystery surrounding what goes on under the surface. Essentially, the FishSpy is a live streaming, underwater camera that is built into a specially-designed market float. It offers crystal clear footage of what it is filming, streamed directly to your Apple or Andorid phone or tablet without the need for connection to the internet or a phone signal. FishSpy generates its own wi-fi signal and transmits it to your portable wi-fi enabled device.

It utilises a high-quality wide angle lens and camera that is designed to work best in low light conditions and houses inside a durable and aerodynamic market float that can be cast easily 100m or more. Then, thanks to its subtle design and long battery life, it can sit in your swim, allowing you to easily find features and ensure you are feeding accurately. It also allows you to see exactly how (if at all) fish are interacting with your bait. All of which combined is designed to help you land more fish.

“How do fish fee? How do they react to your rigs? Prepare to see this and much more with the FishSpy,” says Gareth.

“We don’t believe we are over selling this when we say this is not just another product launch but a real game changer. It’s an innovative world first and a product that really will bring a whole new dimension to angling and put more fish on the bank.”

FishSpy is supplied with an orange fin marker as standard with optional Yellow fins (for use in low light conditions) and black fins (for use on very bright days) available. Included in the box is a foamy ring which creates extra buoyancy and is used when fishing at distances of over 30 meters or when you're on weedy water.

It is also equipped an action tag so you can easily mark memorable encounters and those all important hotspots to enable you to locate the best clips later for easy and convenient playback.

The product has been extensively tested by Dave Lane, one of the UK and Europe’s most famous carp anglers, and he is suitably impressed.

He explains: “It has taken me years to understand the mysteries that lay beneath the surface: feature finding has always relied heavily on guesswork but the FishSpy has changed all of that. I can now see exactly what is on the lake bed and fish far more effectively because of it.”


The product taps into a hunger for electronics in the fishing tackle industry that has grown and cultivated into a sizeable market in recent years. What started out with simply having a smart phone on the bank has evolved to GoPros and their equivalents and now products that are specifically designed for fishing, such as the FishSpy. Because of this, you can expect strong interest from a consumer base that is becoming much more au fait with this type of product and how it can benefit their fishing. Carp anglers in particular, are very keen to learn and perfect every detail they can, so they form probably the best sector possible for a product like this to have success.

A FishSpy could well be your first foray into fishing-specific electronics, or it could satisfy the needs of your most tech-savvy customers. It offers the same base advantage to novices and pros. How you use it and what you get out of it, is only limited by your creativity as a fisherman.


FishSpy Key Features

  • No need for internet connection of phone signal.
  • Stream live underwater footage to your phone or tablet.
  • No more guessing, find the perfect fishing features.
  • Record up to seven hours of footage on built-in SD card.
  • Check your bait is presented perfectly.
  • Watch live as fish interact with your bait.
  • Over three hours of battery life.
  • Mark your key moments whilst recording.
  • Share the action on social media.
  • Range that works up to 100m on Android devices.
  • Range that works up to 60m on Apple devices (can be extended with a separately sold range extender).
  • Perfect for carp fishing.


BVG Airflo

T: +44 1874 612 822



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