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Deeper probes Japanese market


Innovative technology firm Deeper is making inroads into the Japanese market with its mobile smart fishfinder product.

The company exhibited at Japan’s two major fishing tackle shows in Yokohama and Osaka with its recently appointed Japanese distributor with great effect.

The company’s Andrius Gelezauskas explained: “We have only been working with our distributor here for just short of two years, but the early signs are good. The Japanese market is very well informed and also very focused on technology, so we believe we have the right product in our fishfinder. The initial sounds people are making are encouraging, but it takes time, like anything.

“One main issue is making the pricing right, but we are working on that with our distributor.”

Deeper became a sensation when it was launched into the market a few years back, but Japan is one of the few countries where it hasn’t made a huge impact yet – something Deeper is hoping to rectify.

Author: tackletradeworld

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