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DAM is taking EFTTEX 2018 by storm!

Eisvogel is Nominated for Best New Hardlure 2018

You probably know the story of the beauty and the beast? Did you also know that it ends by the beast eating the beauty. This proved to be the story with the Eisvogel.

Effzett is going into the arts business. Their new lure is a true masterpiece. Beautiful, elegant and extremely effective for predators looking for an exotic snack. The paint job on the Eisvogel is even better looking than the real kingfisher – And it catches the fish, looking for that rare snack.


Another innovation from MADCAT® – Rattlin’ Spoon. Swims like a spoon, but has a rotating body with little balls inside, to attract even more attention.

A-STATIC is a rubber coating that minimise the electric field that spooks catfish. You will start catching more fish!!!!

DAM is on stand number J10


Author: Simon Calvert

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