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Daiwa’s Lazy Jerk

No, it’s not a title aimed at anyone in particular however it’s the name given to Daiwa’s latest range of jerk baits under its ever expanding and popular brand, Prorex. Prorex is Daiwa’s dedicated predator brand encompassing rods, reels, tools, luggage and a whole host of new and innovative lures. One product that’s gathering momentum all over the world is the new Lazy Jerk lure.

Anglers who have used all manner of hard lures have possibly found that when fishing with a jerk bait, it’s a pretty intense and busy way of fishing. Imparting that critical action into a suspending or slow sinking lure involves both subtle and aggressive rod movements to imitate a distressed or dying fish. Get it wrong and your catch rate will not be as effective as it could be.

This exciting range of jerk baits from Daiwa has been carefully engineered to provide optimal action with minimum effort from the angler, hence the name, Lazy Jerk. Imagine turning up to fish where all you need to do is cast out and reel in a lure without even thinking about how it’s behaving underwater. The Lazy Jerk is a slow sinking lure weighing in at 85g which means that this lure is going to cast a long way and able to cover a lot of water on each retrieve. The lure doesn’t need strong sweeping strokes of the rod to give its action however once cast out and while the lure is slowly sinking through the water column it is flanking laterally, providing an ultra-tempting meal for any predators lurking below. Simply reel in and let the lure do the work while you wait for that anticipated take!

It has been created perfectly for slow lure presentation in shallower waters of around 80cm and scores well in weedy areas too. The range consists of no less than 19 unique colours and incorporates the new Prorex 3D eyes which give the lure a prehistoric finishing touch. The Lazy Jerk is another all important addition to the Prorex brand.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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