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AZ TRADING take on SAMPO Swivels

Rome Specialty Company, Inc. is the parent company of the ROSCO Terminal Tackle, Sampo Swivels & Donnmar brands. These three iconic brands are proudly MADE IN AMERICA with high performance quality materials.

With big competition from other swivel manufacturers based in Asia, It is testament to its quality that Sampo swivels are still going strong. The American brand is focused on targeting and expanding its presence in European markets and in order to spearhead this objective, Sampo have collaborated with Spanish distributor AZ TRADING.

AZ TRADING is a family company that’s based in Spain, however it will still carry on distributing its current portfolio of brands while now also focusing on the Sampo and Rosco products. Trusted products such as ball bearing swivels, welded rings, the famous Rosco snaps, Coast lock swivels, are just some of the products that can be found in the range.

The main objective is that AZ TRADING and SAMPO together, will now focus its efforts on developing in different European countries where the swivel market and their quality products will thrive. It is critical to its success that each product is explained to European anglers so that they know the origin of the products, the quality of the components and that the products are made in the USA.

Supply Chain

From Spain, AZ TRADING, is able to ship to any European country within one week, and also personally visit any customer with its agents for face to face meetings with a view to show all the products and to develop a personal relationship with each one. Should a customer require an item not in stock then the products will be shipped directly from the USA to them, avoiding any extra charges yet still receiving the products in good time.


AZ TRADING, with the help of their suppliers, and involvement from SAMPO, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) KIDS SCHOOL  initiative, which mission is “Conduct ethical training, to teach students to respect the sea, the rivers and the species that inhabit them, with strong emphasis on responsible fishing, will teach future generations about sustainability and respect of marine life.

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Author: Simon Calvert

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