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ASARI: the brand for demanding anglers

Combining over 70 years of experience from its parent company Evia, and utilising its own Japanese, leading-edge technology, ASARI is a brand with big potential. TTW reveals why it is THE brand for anglers who demand quality from their accessories.

Since 2000, Asari has been a brand that has brought top-of-the-range hooks and braided lines to the fishing market, utilising a unique blend of experience from its Spanish owner Evia and the very Japanese technology.

“Thanks to Evia’s ongoing innovation in the use of new materials, ASARI is well positioned as one of the leading exponents of quality in the world of fishing,” explains Evia marketing manager Beatriz Lopez.

“ASARI was launched in 2000 to cover the demand of fishermen looking for high-quality accessories. Now it has more than 6,000 SKUs – it’s a very strong brand.”

ASARI has become one of the most important brands of the Evia group, together with Hart Fishing and Vercelli. The product developers count on the support that comes with belonging to a fishing tackle company like Evia, with international experience of almost 70 years.

The high-quality braided lines and Japanese hooks made ASARI one of ‘stars’ under the brands for accessories in the Mediterranean countries, expanding rapidly now due to the new distributors in central and eastern European countries.

Braided lines, fluorocarbons and monofilaments, in different diameters and presented on 150m to 2,000m spools for sea fishing, carp fishing, surfcasting and so on, give to the fishermen everything that they need in a single brand.

Under the braided lines, the most popular at the moment, the MASARU range, is a reference for the sea fishermen. Japanese hooks are the other most demanded item from ASARI. Most common kinds of hooks, like the chinu or the very popular black tuna, are available in almost all sizes and coatings.

A very good deal for every fisherman due to its balanced price-quality value…


THE POWER MASARU LINE: Eight-fibre PE braided line, offering a uniform, round diameter and extraordinary strength. Being dark green in colour, it is perfect for spinning or light jigging, while it is long-lasting thanks to its surface treatment. During the fishing action, the line moves smoothly through the guides, with little friction, as if it were a monofilament.

Author: tackletradeworld

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